bronny (teenage_mouth) wrote in hating_you,

fuck you

whats the point of sleeping
when you have noone to dream about?

its worse to lose a friend than just to lose a boyfriend. he wasnt even my boyfriend. we never said that. never had rules. but we were together. not in the usual teenage relationship rules. but we loved each other. fucked each other. called each other. laughed at everything. fuck you for breaking my heart. fuck you for lying to me for no fucking reason. i'd fallen out of love with you. and you still lied to me. i dont care if you're in love with with a girl who used to be my best friend. i dont care if she ends up being your girlfriend. i really dont care if the two of you get married and have a hundred children. but we were friends. you always said i was one of the few people you trusted. you always said we were friends. i always said that too. and you realised i'd fallen out of love with you. and we both knew that it was for the best. but you with your stupid ego... fuck you for lying to me so many times. fuck you for saying you love me. fuck you coz i know it was bullshit. fuck you fuck you fuck you.
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