naughtsncusses (naughtsncusses) wrote in hating_you,

Dearest charlie.

charlie i hope you fucking read this you have made me so fucking unhappy just because you are a miserable lonelly bitch doesnt mean you should make everyone that way. you have made this out to be all my fucking fault was i the one who told all the lies? FUCK NO. you were i dont understand you, you were suppost to be on of my best friends and now you do this you have split up a perfectly good fucking relationship for me too i talked to olly aswel and he doesnt have feis blades and she is mad with you now. last night kieran talked to me on the phone and i hated you so much i just wanted to cry at you. you told everyone that you didnt like him but i really did now you have ruined it for me. thank you so much. i hope you are fucking happy. i hope all your friends find out actually no im sure they will find out what you are really like you a re a miserable lying bitch and i hope i never fucking see you again i have never propperly hated someone in my life but im sure your glad to be the first. do you know what friend means? nah i didnt think so you are fucked in the head i kind of feel sorry for you if you find pleasure in ruining things for other people. i shouldnt even be writing this because then you know you have succeeded in fucking things up for me you know how much i have fucking been through and i then i was happy for that week and now you have COMPLETELY fucked me over again im sorry i ever fucking met you. i know this wont hurt you because i know you dont have a fucking heart and i know you just used me. i really didnt no you were that sad and lonelly that you had to steal my life just to brighten yours up a bit i dont know how many people you have told all these stroies too but now you have been caught..happy? thanks for calling me a bitch when i payed for you a took you out that saturday fuck you said that i wasnt letting you go home when you felt ill and that i wouldnt give you your bag? i mean what the fuck charlie. and when you were drunk you said i pushed you into a bush that how you got all cut?!?! fuck would i ever do that i hope you are sad and lonelly for the rest of your life you fucking deserve it i thought i was finally getting better i deserve to be happy but not just for a fucking week but look what you have done i have been constanly crying for you for a whole day now i dont know why maybe its because i actually loved you as a friend but you know what im a fool i have always been used and i alway will be.
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