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hating you's Journal
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Thursday, June 8th, 2006
4:44 am
I'm putting ice-picks on the tip of your dick...


Give it UP with the holier-than-thou routine. God, I'm GLAD you know I hate you, I will ALWAYS hate you, I made that commitment because you essentially STABBED me in the back.

When did LYING to someone all of a sudden become a bad thing to hate someone over? Don't women hate it when men lie to them all the time?

When have I EVER done anything to you after our breakup. Always looking over your shoulder, making your stomach turn with worry, do you REALLY think I'd waste any time and energy on seeing your ultimate comupance?

I hate you, so much, that there's a burnt hole in my heart. It'll heal. You'll die. But believe me when I tell you, those I love, know and appreciate it. If you can't see past your own sense of conceit, then so be it, but I'm honest with how I feel, with my hate, and I've used it to better myself.

I wasn't negative to everyone, just the stupid emo fucks you surround yourself with. Who the fuck wants to drink till you puke every night? Who leads their life by their social calendar. Give it up, you'te not Mother Theresa, you're just another bad drunk irish fuck stereotype. LIke your sister.


P.S. - do you know that your sister is still being fucked by the same guy who cheated on her?.... Yeah, it must run in the family.  
Friday, March 3rd, 2006
2:21 pm


A rateing style community of a diffrent/new kind, you are rated on how hateful you are. Once accepted, player haters post hateful things they have done in compition for Hater of the Month, we play games, have fun, hate on each other. If you are intrested in a community where it is not only accepted but encuraged to be a comeplete asshole to everyone in the comm/offend everyone you can then this is the place for you.

Warning: This community can be/is very offencive, if you don't wanna be offended then don't apply/join/look.
Friday, February 24th, 2006
9:36 am
I hate reyesphile.
She's in fact a greedy bitch, a liar, and an attention whore. alexviscano is her journal for self praising. I began to hate Annabeth Gish because of reyesphile. GRRRR!!!

Join hate_reyesphile! ;)
Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
11:16 am
I am here to promote (Bitchh8ersunite). We hate bitchs to a xtreme level. We are some hatefull mother fucker. If you hate bitchs you are no alone come and join.

Sunday, January 9th, 2005
12:20 am
I HATE how you act like you don't hurt me as often as you say I hurt you. I hate how if I do something wrong its horrible, yet when you do something similar, its not as bad and you can explain your way out of it. I fuckin HATE how you don't realize that I love you so much everytime you say something against me, it hurts me to my soul. I hate being so weak around you that you KNOW how much you hurt me, and I hate that even though you realize it, you seem to dismiss it. I hate feelin so sad.
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
11:22 pm
Why are girls so hard on the boys that love them?
I fuckin HATE not being able to be mad at my girlfriend, I hate that everytime I feel mad or upset at her I can't... I hate it that when I DO try to get mad at her, she talks her way out of it, and makes me feel like I shouldn't be mad at her at all... I wish I could tell her how much it pisses me off when she goes out and doesn't tell me in advance, it pisses me off how she will do all of this even tho she DOES know that I'm coming over to hang out with her... i hate how she has to be right all the time, I hate being the evil one everytime we fight, I hate how all the things I've done to make her cry will haunt me for the rest of my life, but all the times she made me cry, she can forget about and move on. I hate how even tho I am a "tough guy" she can make me feel like an emotionally weak boy. I HATE how I can never be mad at her, and even though I think its a good thing, it still bothers me.

Friday, November 5th, 2004
5:11 pm

Even though you don't fit any of those stupid stereotypes, I still probably hate you. Oh, well.

click here to take this stupid test
or click here to go to a stupid website
Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
9:26 pm
Dearest charlie.
charlie i hope you fucking read this you have made me so fucking unhappy just because you are a miserable lonelly bitch doesnt mean you should make everyone that way. you have made this out to be all my fucking fault was i the one who told all the lies? FUCK NO. you were i dont understand you, you were suppost to be on of my best friends and now you do this you have split up a perfectly good fucking relationship for me too i talked to olly aswel and he doesnt have feis blades and she is mad with you now. last night kieran talked to me on the phone and i hated you so much i just wanted to cry at you. you told everyone that you didnt like him but i really did now you have ruined it for me. thank you so much. i hope you are fucking happy. i hope all your friends find out actually no im sure they will find out what you are really like you a re a miserable lying bitch and i hope i never fucking see you again i have never propperly hated someone in my life but im sure your glad to be the first. do you know what friend means? nah i didnt think so you are fucked in the head i kind of feel sorry for you if you find pleasure in ruining things for other people. i shouldnt even be writing this because then you know you have succeeded in fucking things up for me you know how much i have fucking been through and i then i was happy for that week and now you have COMPLETELY fucked me over again im sorry i ever fucking met you. i know this wont hurt you because i know you dont have a fucking heart and i know you just used me. i really didnt no you were that sad and lonelly that you had to steal my life just to brighten yours up a bit i dont know how many people you have told all these stroies too but now you have been caught..happy? thanks for calling me a bitch when i payed for you a took you out that saturday fuck you said that i wasnt letting you go home when you felt ill and that i wouldnt give you your bag? i mean what the fuck charlie. and when you were drunk you said i pushed you into a bush that how you got all cut?!?! fuck would i ever do that i hope you are sad and lonelly for the rest of your life you fucking deserve it i thought i was finally getting better i deserve to be happy but not just for a fucking week but look what you have done i have been constanly crying for you for a whole day now i dont know why maybe its because i actually loved you as a friend but you know what im a fool i have always been used and i alway will be.
Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
1:01 pm
I hate you so much. You just can't stop telling lies about me and getting pissed off for everything I do. I have just as much right to try to help my friends as you do, stop bitching about it. Don't tell me to shut up when what I'm saying is helping people overcome their problems. You're just so bitter that you're not the one people want to talk to anymore because you BACKSTABBED them all.
Sunday, June 29th, 2003
4:17 pm
A poem
The Way

I love the way he looks at me
The way he stares right through
Sees right through my being
My tainted,
Tortured soul.

I love the way he kisses me
Even though I’m numb to it
My skin feels no more
Completley “kissed out.”

I love the way he smiles
The way it tickles at my lips
It always hurts to smile,
For me, anyway.

He can read my mind,
It even scares me sometimes.
My thoughts so carefully hidden
Behind an innocent giggle.

I hate the way I love everything he does,
The way he reaches deep inside me
And pulls at my insides like they’re chords.
Plays me like an object
Treats me like a whore.

I love the way he kills me
With his ever-loving words
The way he twists them
And turns them into verbs.

Verbs I want to venture,
To feel all over again
Verbs that can be acted
Verbs that are deadly as a sin.

I love the way he hates me
Or at least I think he does,
He hides behind a mystery
That always fucks--
With my heart, my mind, and my body

But I love the way it eats away my feelings
To be numb
And dirty to the core.

By- Me

Current Mood: jealous
Monday, June 2nd, 2003
11:01 pm
FUCK SMOKING! It's a nasty habit that can ruin you and, even more, the lives of those around you. Don't fucking do it!
*sigh* Thank you.

Current Mood: angry
Saturday, May 3rd, 2003
8:14 pm
I Hate My Ex-Boyfriend
I hate my ex-boyfriend Russell. he is such a fucking asshole. I hate him so much.



Current Mood: angry
Monday, April 28th, 2003
5:14 am
i hate my ex-boyfriend because he is always trying to get me to fuk him even tho i dumped him because he fukked another gurl....SO FUKK YOU DAVIS!
Saturday, April 26th, 2003
9:23 pm
This is a dedication to the ones I hate..

And yes that word is strong,
But still I dedicate,
My every word, my every whisper,
My every moment, my evil temper

Because of you I've lost something I'll never have again,
My childhood,
My trust,
A friend.

Because of you I cry away the time,
The time I can be spending with something or someone else,
Time where I can find peace among this hallow shell.

This hallow shell,
I call myself,
Is better than a second hell,
A hell where days are long,
And nights are quick,
Sleep is deep,
And I'm always sick.

I no longer want to wake,
You took something no one could take,
You took my world, my future,
My hope, and tortured..

My soul.

So now I am a tortured soul,
No longer whole,
Not even half,
Before you is my dinner plate,
I offer you all that you can possibly take,
It's there, just taste..

The blood of my swallowed hate.

I hate you for all that you've done,
But as I sit and ponder some,
You have not won,
I will prevail,
With hate I'll stand,
Even at the gates of hell.

Current Mood: bitchy
11:52 pm
Ummm, I'm New
People hate me without knowing me. Why this is, I have no idea.

Current Mood: I Am Hated
Tuesday, September 24th, 2002
12:13 pm
Memories Fade Away

Sometimes it hurts
To remember the past
Plagued by memories
Both good and bad

Memories fade away
Like castles in the sand
Washed away by the constant waves
Of the ever changing sea

Words once spoken in love
Fade away into whispers
Objects of affection
Become nothing more than dust

Feelings change over time
Like rough jagged rocks in a river bed
That over time,lose their rough edges
Becoming beautiful smooth gems

Look back not in sadness
Look back in happiness
Love is a luxury
That some can ill afford

Bored... Please Be nice

Need to get out more and meet new people....

Must chase the boredom away....


Current Mood: blah
Sunday, September 22nd, 2002
9:12 pm
why did you do this to me?
I can let go of all the tangible things you have cost me. All the money wasted on trips (that you fucked up for me), phone calls (where you did not listen), gifts (that you should not have accepted), etc. I can forget all the times you weren't there for me and I was for you. I can block out the times you said we were not real friends or our friendship was a joke.

What I can not do is forgive. You purposely put doubt in my mind, knowing that you could. You knew that once my faith was shaken in a person that my trust would be next to go. You judged two gurls I trusted the most. You had to point out the one bad thing about each of them and knew it would stick in my mind. Yes, it is my fault for letting you do what you did and not being able to trust people. But....you *knew* it would hurt me and make me second guess my feelings about them. You did it anyway.

If I was capable of hate....I would hate you more than any hate you have ever known in your life. If only I could make you feel a burning glare on the back of your neck so you would turn aroun, to see if someone was there. I wish I had the anger left in me to do horrible things to you or even wish they would happen to you. But I can't. I can only....let go.
Wednesday, September 18th, 2002
11:28 am
More poems and pictures....Woot
Hello...It is me again...Come to bug you with more poems of mine and pictures...Please be nice....I am fragile and break easily

Slipping Away

She held her life in her own hands as if it were grains of sand
Slipping through feverishly clasped hands
She saw the angels dance all around her
And she knew for sure
Her time had come
And as the ceiling span round and round
She found
That as the world turned grey
It turned brighter in some brilliant way
And as she held her life in her own hands and watched it slip away
A solitary tear betrayed
The pain and sadness of her passing away.

Me and my sis....I miss her...Havent seen her for like a week or two

Me and Ally in the graveyard

Me in the graveyard

That is all for the day


~Vesper Jade~

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, September 17th, 2002
11:43 am
I need to get out more...Meet new people....Someone save me from my misery....

Love is Pain

Scared of falling
Falling in love with you
Please dont be like the others who came before
Please dont hurt me
Please dont make me cry
Please dont make me wish to die
Changed my mind
Love is pain
Pain is love
Use me
Abuse me
Hurt me
Make me cry
Make me wish to die
Just like the others who came before
Im nothing but a fucking whore

~The end~

That was my craptastic poem....Now for my craptastic pictures!Please be nice

All of these pictures were taken a week ago but I only just got to load them today...

Someone please save me from my boredom and misery!

Current Mood: depressed
Friday, June 14th, 2002
1:51 pm
fuck you
whats the point of sleeping
when you have noone to dream about?

its worse to lose a friend than just to lose a boyfriend. he wasnt even my boyfriend. we never said that. never had rules. but we were together. not in the usual teenage relationship rules. but we loved each other. fucked each other. called each other. laughed at everything. fuck you for breaking my heart. fuck you for lying to me for no fucking reason. i'd fallen out of love with you. and you still lied to me. i dont care if you're in love with with a girl who used to be my best friend. i dont care if she ends up being your girlfriend. i really dont care if the two of you get married and have a hundred children. but we were friends. you always said i was one of the few people you trusted. you always said we were friends. i always said that too. and you realised i'd fallen out of love with you. and we both knew that it was for the best. but you with your stupid ego... fuck you for lying to me so many times. fuck you for saying you love me. fuck you coz i know it was bullshit. fuck you fuck you fuck you.
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