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A poem

The Way

I love the way he looks at me
The way he stares right through
Sees right through my being
My tainted,
Tortured soul.

I love the way he kisses me
Even though I’m numb to it
My skin feels no more
Completley “kissed out.”

I love the way he smiles
The way it tickles at my lips
It always hurts to smile,
For me, anyway.

He can read my mind,
It even scares me sometimes.
My thoughts so carefully hidden
Behind an innocent giggle.

I hate the way I love everything he does,
The way he reaches deep inside me
And pulls at my insides like they’re chords.
Plays me like an object
Treats me like a whore.

I love the way he kills me
With his ever-loving words
The way he twists them
And turns them into verbs.

Verbs I want to venture,
To feel all over again
Verbs that can be acted
Verbs that are deadly as a sin.

I love the way he hates me
Or at least I think he does,
He hides behind a mystery
That always fucks--
With my heart, my mind, and my body

But I love the way it eats away my feelings
To be numb
And dirty to the core.

By- Me
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