Alex Almendrades (alexalmendrades) wrote in hating_you,
Alex Almendrades

I'm putting ice-picks on the tip of your dick...



Give it UP with the holier-than-thou routine. God, I'm GLAD you know I hate you, I will ALWAYS hate you, I made that commitment because you essentially STABBED me in the back.

When did LYING to someone all of a sudden become a bad thing to hate someone over? Don't women hate it when men lie to them all the time?

When have I EVER done anything to you after our breakup. Always looking over your shoulder, making your stomach turn with worry, do you REALLY think I'd waste any time and energy on seeing your ultimate comupance?

I hate you, so much, that there's a burnt hole in my heart. It'll heal. You'll die. But believe me when I tell you, those I love, know and appreciate it. If you can't see past your own sense of conceit, then so be it, but I'm honest with how I feel, with my hate, and I've used it to better myself.

I wasn't negative to everyone, just the stupid emo fucks you surround yourself with. Who the fuck wants to drink till you puke every night? Who leads their life by their social calendar. Give it up, you'te not Mother Theresa, you're just another bad drunk irish fuck stereotype. LIke your sister.


P.S. - do you know that your sister is still being fucked by the same guy who cheated on her?.... Yeah, it must run in the family.  
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